'connecting with your teens' crash course- FOR busy PARENTS

Give me the basics real quick!

It's not easy being a teen, let alone parenting one.  Learn to emotion coach your teens and improve communication and connection with them.  Over 2.5 hours you will learn:

✔ Biggest mistakes parents make with teens and how to avoid them.

✔️ One thing you must nail to stop your teen rejecting you.

✔️ Five steps to successful connection with your teen.

✔️ Two books you must read to help you succeed.

By the end of this crash course you'll know exactly what to do to help you stay connected to your teens AND you'll be armed with tools and tips that you can implement immediately.  It could result in your teen greeting you with a 'hello' instead of a grunt, or sharing an issue they have instead of silently sitting in their room.   

At only $55 it'll be one of the best investments you can make to help you make life long improvements to your relationship.

BONUS - You get to join the exclusive "Parent Academy', a private Facebook group where there are loads of resources and parents get to support and champion each other.



Sat 23 February  1pm - 3.30pm 

Wed 27 March 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Sat 11 May  2pm - 4.30pm



Sat 2 March 1pm - 3.30pm



February TBA


March TBA

More than the basics but I don't need a degree!

Time investment - 2 hours a week for six weeks.

Do you want to be the kind of parent your teens want to be around?  Do you want them to share their thoughts, issues they're facing, or even tell you how their day was?  Want know how to manage their silence, moodiness, sadness or angry outbursts? 

Over 6 weeks you'll learn some really useful techniques that help you connect with your teen. You'll walk away at the end of each week with some awesome tools and tips that you can put into practice immediately, and help you succeed in developing a great relationship.  

  1. Learn the foundations of emotion coaching your teen.
  2. Manage your response when your teen 'rejects' you and tune into your teens emotional experience.
  3. Understand your teens perspective and build your emotion coaching skills.
  4. Emotion coaching worry and sadness in your teen.
  5. Expand your emotion coaching skills when your teen is angry.
  6. Develop skills for managing emotional situations in the future.


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