Hello, I'm Linda,Your Success Coach

I'm a mother of two teenage girls, living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Tasmania, Australia.  


I have more than 30 years experience in corporate and government business and more than half of that as a senior leader with post-grad qualifications in brand, marketing and communications. 

When it comes to learning, I can't seem to get enough and keep going back again and again. I have a Masters of Marketing, Diplomas in Business and Financial Services, I've studied coaching at Columbia Business School, USA and The Coaching Institute in Australia.    I am a certified practitioner of Meta Dynamics and certification as a professional trainer. Because of all this, I have learnt, practiced and am able to share tools and techniques to help you get the most successful outcome from your coaching experience.


Travel plays a big part in my life and I've enjoyed travelling across Australia and overseas (NZ,  Europe, UK, USA, Mexico, Asia/Pacific).  In fact my first big journey was at age 19, travelling around Australia for 6 months in an old Holden and a tent.  I had a small amount of money that I had saved in the months prior, and decided to jump in my car then work out out the rest as I went along.

My love of adventure has continued and I have many more places on my list to visit. I love it so much I always look for reasons that I need to travel, rather than reasons I shouldn't. And that's also how I approach life - 'Say yes and make it happen.'

I coach clients across the globe

Thanks to technology, clients come to me for coaching from all across the globe, in particular Australia, USA, Canada and the UK, which is truly awesome because success doesn't need to be restricted - so let's share the love.

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